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INvestigator Development Core
Pilot Projects:

COMMUNITY Investigator Development Core Program 

Early-stage investigators associated with Columbia University, Hunter-CUNY,

Physician Affiliate Group of New York, and Weill-Cornell are welcome to apply!

The IDC Program involves funding and resources for Pilot Projects that address three components:

Two or more chronic diseases that commonly co-occur

Health disparities and/or health equity

Risk-reduction, treatment, and/or management of these chronic diseases


Fall 2022 Applications Due November 7th at 5pm EST


Please review the Request for Applications for details, eligibility and criteria.



Marisol Castellano, MS, IDC Project Manager

Nicole Bayne, RN, MPH, COMMUNITY Center Project Manager

Support Group

BUILD grants

Learn more about funding opportunities for community and faith-based organizations that are working to improve community health and reduce the burden of chronic diseases. Also access the BUILD grant proposal template.

Together, we can pursue health and wellness for all.

Multi-Level and Multi-Generational

Everything we do as part of The COMMUNITY Center starts with our communities. Our mission is to address chronic disease management by engaging community organizations, members, and key stakeholders across the New York area using a strength-based approach.

The objective of the BUILD grant program is to impact upstream
factors and the burden of chronic diseases for our NYC communities. We hope to
generate an exchange of ideas that will solve complex problems in the real world. We also  aim to build trust by infusing the community's voices and

priorities into The COMMUNITY Center’s infrastructure.

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