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The COMMUNITY Center is a collaborative research center that aims to address the drivers of multiple chronic diseases that disproportionately affect African American and Hispanic/Latinx families in New York City.


Our Center supports training opportunities, community partnerships, research into sustainable public health  interventions, and sharing of health resources to promote health equity.  

The mission of the COMMUNITY Center is to reduce health disparities in chronic diseases in the NYC Region through rigorous testing, disseminating, and sustaining of interventions that incorporate the multiple levels of influence from individual, interpersonal, community

and societal approaches.


The COMMUNITY Center believes arriving at equity means finding pathways to address the root causes of chronic diseases and health disparities.   Identifying the root causes of disease requires working together with, and meeting community stakeholders where they are.  It means engaging with and learning from community health workers.  It means learning what impedes access to care and interferes with health and wellness. It means creating a receptive and responsive care environment where people feel heard, appreciated, and understood.  With active engagement from populations needing the most intervention, it is possible to stem the tide of health inequity and health disparities impacting individuals, families, communities, and society.




The NYC region is one of the most diverse regions in the U.S. and is a lens with which to understand many health disparities in the U.S. and globally. NYC is also a region of extremes with some of the richest and poorest living in close proximity, and significant differences in life expectancy in neighborhoods and communities. Therefore, it is a critically important place in which to develop sustainable interventions to reduce inequities and improve health outcomes.

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